The “No Kid” Adventures of the Teepes

I woke up at 08:34 this Sunday morning. Nothing particular woke me up, unless you count the dog wiggling his way over to bury his nose in my hair. 

It’s 08:40 and I’m downstairs cooking breakfast while the dog and Rick are still in bed. It’s 0900 and we’re walking the dog and just enjoying each other’s company. We had a plan for today, you know. We were just going to clean up and do laundry and hang out around the house. 

It’s now 10:11 and we’re speeding down Interstate 5, towards the San Diego Zoo. On Friday we went to SeaWorld and to go see a movie in the middle of the day. Yesterday, we went out with the intention of just going to lunch, and instead ended up going to lunch and buying new home decor, because hello! Fall is here, our house needs to smell like pumpkins in order for me to be happy, and thanksgiving themed placemats needed to be on our table. 

Tomorrow, we have tickets to DisneyLand and after next payday, you know we’re going to Universal Studios in Hollywood, because Harry Potter world and the Walking Dead and all that fun stuff. 

And more than once the past few days, we’ve made the comment, “we couldn’t do this if we had kids.” And it’s so true. If we had an infant, you know we wouldn’t have woken up at almost 9 am this morning. We couldn’t just decide “hey, let’s go to the zoo!” 

We’re young, and married, and just enjoying life as it comes. We’re waking up whenever and going to theme parks and zoos and walking the dog and cooking dinner and going shopping. And I love it. A lot of people seem to think that marriage=kids. And that’s not true, at least not for us. Maybe someday. But if this is how life went for the two of us for the rest of forever, that would be okay, too. Lunch dates don’t happen when John has a dentist appointment at 2 and Becky had to be picked up early from school because she had a fever. (FYI I’m not naming my future children Becky and John. There will also not be a IV, sorry in laws.) Packing up and spending the day on the beach doesn’t happen in the middle of the week because we don’t have a babysitter. DisneyLand will lose all its charm because I do not want to ride Dumbo with the 2 year old. 

We’re 19 and 20, and we’re totally rocking this adventure God gave us. And we’re doing it without worry and without wondering. We’re waking up at 9 am and cooking dinner at 8 pm. We’re spending less than $200 to go to DisneyLand, and nothing to go to SeaWorld. 

This is our life, and stay tuned for more of the “no kid adventures of the Teepes.” 😘