Baby #1, Deployment #2, and My Sanity 

It’s been awhile 😉

Obviously, I’ve been very busy- I had a baby, after all. I’ll probably blog our birth story sometime soon(ish) when I have time, but for now, you get this one. 

We’re on day 4 of deployment #2, and that means day 4 of mom-only parenting. Surprisingly, right now, it’s easier than I anticipated. But we have our challeneges. 

Deployments get easier, that much is true. While it’s never a good feeling watching your husband walk away for the last time in several months, it feels a lot less soul-crushing the second time around. This time, send off was very different. Last year, we were freshly married, 18 and 20 years old, all alone and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t scary as hell. I didn’t know what to expect, he couldn’t tell me because he didn’t know either, and I’ll just say that San Diego harbor will forever be ruined for me after watching that ship sail away. 

This time, we woke up in our bed, in our house. We drove the familiar road to the grinder, we spent our last few hours in our car. There were no tears as we said goodbye. Just the feeling of, “let’s get this over with”. And honestly, even though it’s only day 4, and you know I’ll have some bad days, I’m doing really good. 

The solo parenting? Also easier than I thought. Ev’s a month old come Saturday, so he’s in the throes of cluster feeding thanks to growth spurts- which means he’s attached to my boobs 22 hours out of the day it feels like (breastfeeding as a write this). That makes it hard to keep up with housework or cooking, but he usually sleeps really well; 6-7 hour stretches throughout the night, which means I’m at least getting some sleep, too, after doing the housework I don’t get to do during the day.

My sanity? I mean, that’s always on the verge. I’ve had one mini-meltdown, a car ride of frustration (but it worked, baby went to sleep), and one night of sharing my bed with a 3 week old so I could get some sleep. All that considered, I still feel like I’m doing okay. Well, more than okay. Okay is just surviving. I plan on thriving during this deployment. 

We go back to visit Texas and have everyone meet Everett in just over 2 weeks, and when we come back to California, we’ll be halfway through deployment. Until then, we’re just rockin’ and rollin’. 




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