Things I Shouldn’t Have To Say 

Hey, hey, hey! Your favorite blogger and mama to be is back in action from her too-long hiatus 😘 

I’m currently a little over 10 weeks with my little rainbow, and to be completely honest~as always, my readers~ pregnancy is KICKING my butt. I got so sick I couldn’t eat anything but crackers and some sour gummy worms for a week, and I lost 11 pounds! (Which, hey…if I wasn’t growing a human, I probably wouldn’t complain.) Thank you Lord, for wonderful doctors and wonderful anti-nausea meds. I finally got to eat a bowl of soup, and basically almost cried because I didn’t throw it up. You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be reminding this child of all they did to me when they tell me I suck 😂 

As happy as I am to be carrying this sweet little life, there’s some things I feel like I shouldn’t have to say, buuuuuuut people force me to say them anyway, because I am loud, and also because I’m sick of it. 

  1. If you didn’t help make this baby (and I know who did, and it wasn’t you), you don’t get an opinion on names. Sorry, not sorry. You’re driving me nuts. 
  2. If you don’t like the fact that I’m not going back to Texas to give birth, sucks to be you, because you’re not invited to California, either. 
  3. No, my pets aren’t going anywhere. Yes, I know they’re hairy. No, they’re not getting “given away” because I decided to have a baby. They were my babies first. 
  4. If you haven’t been pregnant, please don’t give me pregnancy and/or parenting advice. I’m sure you mean well. But you’re just annoying. 
  5. I’m young? Oh, golly gee, I didn’t notice. Guess what? I’ve probably got my life more together than you do at 35. So mind your own business. 
  6. Please stop asking what tests I intend to run, what shots I plan on giving my child, telling me breastfeeding is best (lol because fed is best), and whether or not I’ll keep my child based on certain test results. It’s rude, you’re nosy, and your mama should’ve spanked you. 
  7. No, I’m not baptizing my infant. Why? Because baptism doesn’t mean anything (to me), if you don’t make the choice yourself and understand the importance of it. 
  8. If I don’t ask you to touch my as-of-yet nonexistent baby bump, please don’t touch me. It’s weird, you seem creepy, and I feel real awkward when my stomach growls and I know you felt it. 
  9. Yes, deployment is coming up soon after baby is due. No, I’m not moving home. Visiting, yes. Moving again? No. Why? Because a) I’m an adult, and have my own home b) uh, I did it once and it sucked and c) I don’t want to? 
  10. Again, the name thing. Really. Y’all are all on the track to not knowing this baby’s gender or name until I deliver if y’all don’t stop it. You’re not cute, you’re not funny, you’re annoying and my hormones are over it. 

Like I said, I’m super excited. I go to Babies R Us and walk the aisles way too often without buying anything, I’ve got like 50 different lists of things I might need, my Pinterest is overrun with baby pins. But dealing with everyone’s nosy, rude questions and awkward touches and comments about what I should name Peanut really just annoys me. And I cry when I get annoyed now. A lot. It’s ugly. 

I appreciate all the sincere wishes, prayers and genuinely interested friends and family who check up on me. Y’all are the bomb. This post is literally just hormone-fueled and I might feel bad for it later. (Or I might not. Eh.) If you read through my list and said “oooh, I bet she’s talking about me”, maybe just stop doing those things, yeah? And we can be cool again. 

Also, please stop asking about my birth plan. I’ve got 30 weeks to go, and you asking about how I want to push an 8 pound watermelon out is just really weird to me. 
Sorry I’m full of hormones and everything annoys me/makes me cry/makes me angry and my poor readers have to deal. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, here’s a super cute pic of my dog and of my super excited husband that also makes me cry because I love him so much. 




2 thoughts on “Things I Shouldn’t Have To Say 

  1. I know where you’re coming from and had a huge issue with my inlaws. We didn’t speak for over a year, they never met my child (& we now live in a different country), we’ve only sent 3 pictures in her 2 years of life, they never truly apologized, and we’ve permanently cut out one of my husbands uncles for things that no one should say to an expectant mother. You are not alone. It’s tough, but stick to your guns. Make sure your husband always stands by your side. Without my husband standing up for me, I know I’d be in a very dark place and in an unhappy marriage.

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  2. Hey Em I am going to give you some advice. Ricky and Emily are going to be parents. They know or will figure out what is best for their baby. God will guide you, you have only to ask for His help. BTW I was overjoyed to hear you two are expecting. A little bird told me sometime ago. (Grace is my bonus daughter)

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