Why We Didn’t Keep Our Mouths Shut 

So as most of my readers know, on November 7, I had a miscarriage. And since we had made the choice to publicly tell people about my pregnancy, I made the choice to publicly announce my miscarriage, and use that learning experience to create a blog post about it as well. 

On January 19, a little over 2 months later, at about 0730 in the morning, two pink lines showed up on a pregnancy test. I cried, I called my mom, I called my best friend who was on her way from 29 Palms, I called my husband, all while sitting on the bathroom floor. That afternoon I headed to a pregnancy resource center in town, with my best friend in tow, to get confirmation. I was prayed over, and left absolutely giddy. 

On February 9, I had my first prenatal appointment (I hate having blood drawn), and my first ultrasound. I saw a teeny little life, with a teeny little heartbeat at 133BPM. Just a few hours later, at 8 weeks, we announced this pregnancy publicly as well. 

Since making it known, I’ve gotten messages from friends and acquaintances saying, “why didn’t you wait? Aren’t you worried? I would’ve waited until I was past 13 weeks.” Well, guess what? Good for you, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. 

Me? Everything looks good. I heard that tiny heartbeat, and I’m confident. But the big thing for me is this: all life deserves to be celebrated and loved, no matter how short it may be. A baby isn’t a secret, to be hidden in the dark. So while I continue to pray, I’m also continuing to celebrate the life I’m growing (I use the term celebrate loosely-there’s nothing party like about morning sickness). 

This pregnancy isn’t just mine and Ricky’s child- it’s my parents’ grandchild, my siblings’ niece or nephew, my bestfriend’s joy, too. There isn’t a need for me to hide what’s happening, or wallow in the worry of every cramp and spot. I will continue to be ecstatic over the fact that God has blessed me, and when the time comes, I will teach that someone came before you, sugar bean. I’m going to rejoice in the fact that I have a reason for the 24 hour nausea, the back aches, the fact that I’ll be turning into a pink zebra. 

So far, I puke too often, mac&cheese no longer sounds good ever, I’m craving food you can’t get in California, I don’t sleep enough…but I’m beyond happy. Stay tuned for the next 32.5 weeks 😉



“Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high…there’s a land that I heard of once, in a lullaby.”


3 thoughts on “Why We Didn’t Keep Our Mouths Shut 

  1. I personally just had a miscarriage , we announced at 8ish weeks and found out we lost our little one at about 9 1/2 . People told me I should have waited … personally I have NEVER once regretted telling everyone I was pregnant. That was our baby and it was something to celebrate. Props to you mama, you celebrate that little life growing inside of you no matter how small. I read your blog about your miscarriage when it happened and it speaks to me. Praying for y’all for a healthy little rainbow baby! Congrats pretty girl!

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  2. Em! I’m crying. You are so strong and I’m seriously in awe of it. Keep your head up! God is watching over you and little babe. Continuing to pray for your sweet little and also for you to feel better soon!!💖 Love you tons, Mama!


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