Black Licorice Mondays

Oh, the dreaded Mondays. What day is it? What time is it? My days run together in a blur, because I work two jobs, and the only pause is to make sure that my phone ringing wildly in the back isn’t my husband. It usually isn’t. But, today is the black dread of all days- MONDAY. It doesn’t matter if my days are a blur and I forget what a weekend feels like. I always know what a Monday feels like. Mondays feel like black licorice flavored jelly beans, or the sore feeling after the gym that makes you swear “I am NEVER going back”, or sugar free anything. Mondays, essentially, suck. 

So, your Monday sucks, and if your husband is gone and you haven’t heard from him in a week or so, it might feel like everything today is just BLEH. And this is how I’ve handled it: 

Step 1: pick a theme song. Yes, okay, laugh. But I’m serious. Pick a theme song for the week, blare that music, scream/sing those words, and let it be your personal anthem. My theme song this week? “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Yes, I’m being basic. But hey, her words speak to me, and I like scream/singing them in my car on the way to work. So step off. 

Step 2: watch New Girl. I don’t know if anyone else has accidentally discovered this gem of a show, but if you need a break from the emotionally charged, tear jerking, drama overdosing show that is Grey’s Anatomy, WATCH. NEW. GIRL. It’s one of those happy, silly sitcoms that will have you rolling in tears on the floor from laughing. I’ve done it. My only regret is that I’m now all caught up thanks to Netflix not monitoring my addiction. 

Step 3: read a book. Read. Read. Read. (My blog doesn’t count, you lazies.) Fiction is great. It’s a world that’s not your own, that you have no part but that of an observer in, and basically, it lets you slip away from the Monday. Need a suggestion? Hit a girl up. I’ve basically got my own library. My number 1 suggestion that I can read, finish, and start right back over? “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. It’s thick, but the message is so wonderful. “The greatest of these is love.” (That’s from the Bible, and it’s a good read, too. Check out 1 Corinthians.)

So there’s my three step program for surviving the Mondays. (Also, crying, bubble baths, and cookie dough are acceptable, if not practical and positive ways, to  conquer the black licorice flavored Mondays.) 




One thought on “Black Licorice Mondays

  1. I despise black licorice, anytime my teeth sink into it I immediately feel betrayed by all the red and white jelly beans. You are doing great. I love reading your thoughts. You are precious to me!

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